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The Jennifers YouTube Channel

Live at the Creative Alliance David Bowie Tribute: BMore Bowie, January 17, 2016

Well Intentioned World

Made gradually over 15 months, this low budget, animated/live-action hybrid music video was directed by drummer, filmmaker Skizz. Joe and John stood for three hours, backwards in the rain at Hampdenfest, gradually drying, just for the first verse.

Live at the Windup Space, March 19, 2015

Christmas In Reverse

Another Skizz creation. Thanks to NIST for the flaming tree footage.

You're My Star

Directed by Eric Dyer, 1994. We made this video with Eric a good friend of the band (now a famous international animation auteur), for $89. It was shot on super 8, edited and animated by Eric, and transferred to video by projecting it on a wall (and on us) and taping that. This was good enough for the 1995 MTV Beach House Band Contest judges who awarded us the runner-up prize of "Best All-Male Band." They either didn't notice Jen, or just drew random videos out of a hat without actually watching them. Jen didn't mind as she got a new drum kit out of it - we all got $2000 each for new instruments. You can see more of Eric's wonderful films at and various film festivals around the world.