The Jennifers
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Next Gig:

Friday March 1. The Jennifers share the stage with Curtis Eller's American Circus at Reverb in Baltimore. We will be doing a bunch of the Bowie songs (with some special guests) along with some Jennifers favorites. Curtis Eller leads a fab banjo-driven indie hoedown that is well worth checking out. Here's a playlist with a taste. 8pm @ Reverb, 2112 N Charles St. Baltimore.

Please to enjoy some Starshine:

New CD:

The Jennifers new CD "Well Intentioned World" is out now on Beechfields Records. Grab a copy now.

"Best Baltimore Album of 2011: Wow. Just wow. This was the album I always hoped the Jennifers would release. Hooky as shit. Lotsa guitars. The Andy Partridge influence is played down to just an influence. This goes down as one of the best Baltimore records of all time. Classic guitar pop. There is not a clunker on the whole record. And each time you listen you find a different song that works its way under your skin." - Benn Ray, Mobtown Shank.

Well Intentioned World Video