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Saturday, February 15 - The Pie Shop, Washington D.C. A David Bowie Valentine

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Well Intentioned World

Well Intentioned World

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The Jennifers re-draw the map of the Baltimore guitar pop world. Eleven well intentioned songs. "Best Baltimore Album of the year. Wow. Just wow. This was the album I always hoped the Jennifers would release. Hooky as shit. Lotsa guitars. The Andy Partridge influence is played down to just an influence. This goes down as one of the best Baltimore records of all time. Classic guitar pop. There is not a clunker on the whole record. And each time you listen you find a different song that works its way under your skin." - Benn Ray, Mobtown Shank.

Colors From The Future Picture

Colors From the Future

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The Jennifers breakthrough CD, an instant classic. Recorded in full glorious hi-fidelity sound at Invisible Sound Studios with master guitar-pop producer, Dave Nachodsky. "Best album of the year - I'm going to call it now: The Jennifers' latest disc, Colors From the Future. Shades of R.E.M., the Soft Boys, the Feelies, Television, even a bit of Echo and the Bunnymen. It's all good, friends, and Colors From the Future gets better every time around the track." Go Metric. (Gumdrops by Skizz.)

Book of bad Advice Picture

Book of Bad Advice

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The Great Lost Jennifers Record. Recorded 1996 in Richmond and Baltimore, just before the band broke up for a spell. It languished in the vaults until the band re-formed in 2001. It was re-mastered by the incomparable Dave Nachodsky at Invisible Sound Studio, and released 2002.

Nine Days Wonder Picture

Nine Days Wonder

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The Jennifers 1994 technicolor debut. Recorded with Tony French at Half Calf Studios in Baltimore. Mixed and Mastered at Blue House productions. We're down to the last few copies of this one.

Unreleased Bonus: